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Magistrati - Brief History

From where we have started until where we want to arrive..
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Magistrati racing was born thanks to Marco Magistrati’s experience in the world of two-wheelers. 

As owner of the company, he is not simply a mechanic, but he is a pilot too. As a matter of fact, he became Italian champion, class 125 S.P., in 2003. 

His mechanic experience started during his adolescence while riding bikes and then developed, becoming an actual job. He began as a mechanic apprentice and shortly became the chief of the garage belonging to the so called Ducati/Aprilia/Cagiva/Husqvarna car dealership, located in his hometown.

The journey

In 2000, he opened the Magistrati racing garage and he currently owns it. This event was the turning point of his career and one of his biggest dreams. 

Since the beginning, He believed in the potential of electronics applied to mechanics in the world of bikes. For this reason, he started studying and then bought the tool par excellence, the Dynojet braked test bench whose main utility is programming ECUs, studies and developments of everything that concerns the field of the application of electronics to mechanics.


In 2003, always reflecting a passion, in this case for Ghost rider videos, and supercharged engines as a lover of immeasurable powers, he gets his first experiences: first the Yamaha R1 Turbo, the Honda CBR 1000 turbo, and then the various Yamaha T-max models.


Marco Magistrati can be considered pioneer of these transformations and the first in the production of kits turbo plug & play for the latter.

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The evolution

His ideas are continuously evolving thanks to accurate studies/designs/developments allowing everybody who is into bikes to dispose of “infinite” possibilities of customization.


He is able to find a solution for every kind of need in order to improve the performance, while paying attention to safeguarding the reliability of every single part of the vehicle.




In 2018 the brand magistrate racing was registered at a European level. For this reason, it is a big guarantee for clients all over the world as we are talking about a long life company which continues to grow and has a precious know-how.

The newest and latest introductions in Magistrati’s shop are the turbos for the new models of T-max 560 2020>2021 and a series of devices that are dedicated to them.

Therefore, his creative and productive mind is unstoppable and always working!

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Stay Tuned.. We are just heating up the tires!
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